Expo Riva Show - The shoe connection

Expo Riva Show – The Shoe Connection is a collection of interviews, round table discussions and talks, which will feature leading members of the world of footwear, leather goods and accessories.

It is a mix of phygital (physical/digital) initiatives, involving opinion leaders and both national and international companies, ready to guide buyers and exhibitors in the discovery of new, successful business models.

With a wealth of experience and know-how provided by a panel of dedicated experts, the Expo Riva Show format creates a direct line of contact for the footwear and accessories community, not only during the fair itself, but all through      the year.

Next dates (available online only):

Thursday 18th November 2021

Focus on Anti Greenwashing with "The Future of Sustainability"

Sustainability is complex and as consumer eco-sentiments shift, it has taken on a new meaning for brands. This multifaceted issue plays a role in every product, brand and consumer touchpoints. This session will provide an overview of the top five key sustainability strategies we can expect to see over the next 2-3 years from a product development, materials and brand perspective.

Thursday 25th November 2021

Focus on Anti Greenwashing with "Communicating Anti-Greenwashing"

As sustainability continues to be high on the consumer agenda it has become an imperative for brands to address how they are sending a climate-positive message. The result of one-off sustainability measures can be detrimental to brands and trigger distrust among consumers. This session will debrief on how brands can avoid "greenwashing" claims. WGSN will look at brand case studies and best in class examples of how to navigate sustainable communication today.

Thursday 2nd December 2021

Focus on Redefining Off-Price with "Shopping Shifts & Effective Strategies"

Consumers have adopted a new approach to consumption where brands and retailers are now required to adjust their existing strategies to engage effectively. Looking at how consumer behaviour will shift in a post-pandemic world, this session will cover four to five key strategies for brands and retailers to consider as they adapt to this new retail environment. Strategic recommendations will cover packaging, delivery methods and innovative retail models such as the evolution of subscription services.

Thursday 9th December 2021

Focus on Redefining Off-Price with "Redefining Off-Price"

With huge leftover inventories and an increasingly value-conscious consumer, this session will explore new ways in which businesses can re-imagine off-price and outlet retail in a way which avoids devaluing brands or product. This session will touch on topics such as the digitalisation of off-price shopping, the redesign of consumer interaction and third-party opportunities.

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