What is the Buyer Programme?

The Expo Riva Schuh & Gardabags Buyer Programme is a business opportunity for all professionals in the footwear, leather goods and accessories sector.
Designed to facilitate meetings and relations between supply- and demand-side operators during the event, this programme offers selected buyers a personalised and exclusive trade show experience.

What are the programme's objectives?

  • To strengthen business in the sector nationally and internationally

  • To stimulate dialogue between supply and demand, encouraging the organisation of B2B meetings

  • To personalise and facilitate the trade show experience for companies and buyers

  • To contribute to the dissemination of knowledge: innovations, products, materials, production systems and technologies

What does it consist of? 

Programme participants can use the following services:

Buyer Pass

Free access to the show and Buyer Lounge, with a refreshment, networking and relaxation area to maximise business opportunities in informal and private settings

Networking events

Access to exclusive networking opportunities with exhibitors

Travel & Accommodation

Advantages and facilities for your journey to and stay in Riva del Garda, with constant support provided by a team of hospitality professionals

Business Scout 

A new and exclusive personalised assistance service for exhibitor and product search that makes the buyer's visit run more smoothly, thanks to the advice of specialised staff

Digital Connection & Business Agenda

Access to the Expo Riva Schuh & Gardabags matching platform to plan your appointments diary simply and quickly

Educational Programme 

Direct participation in on-site and online training events and live talks dedicated to the footwear, leather goods and accessories sector, with the possibility of scheduling one-to-one meetings with speakers (subject to their availability)

Who can take part?

All professionals working in the private label and branded footwear, leather goods and accessories sectors can apply to join the Expo Riva Schuh & Gardabags Buyer Programme. In particular, the programme is aimed at:


Wholesale distributors, wholesalers, buying offices for other distribution companies


Department stores, small-medium-large chains of stores under the same brand, stores or several stores with different brands, e-commerce

Branded Companies

Own-brand manufacturers, branded product representatives

How can I apply?

Applications must be sent by email to buyers@exporivaschuh.it, enclosing a business card, a presentation of the company and indicating which show you plan to take part in (Expo Riva Schuh, Gardabags, both).

Applications must be sent by 20 May 2022.
The Expo Riva Schuh & Gardabags team will assess all applications before confirming participation and the benefits included in the programme (such as travel, accommodation, etc.). Preference shall be given to buyers visiting Expo Riva Schuh & Gardabags for the first time.
The assessment will also take into account information such as country of origin, the category of the company and the role of the candidate, the number of participants of the same company and other information.

Applications from non-buyers and employees of exhibiting companies will not be considered.