Expo Riva Schuh

94th edition 11-14 December 2020

With 38 countries represented among the exhibiting companies, and many visitors from over 100 different countries, Expo Riva Schuh is the most important international exhibition dedicated to volume footwear.

Organized by Riva del Garda Fierecongressi SpA, the fair has been the reference point of the footwear sector for years, thanks to the exclusive combination of advantages it offers its visitors and exhibitors:

  • strategic positioning within the world trade fair calendar
  • significant degree of internationality among buyers and exhibitors
  • fair spread over the territory, with 10 different venues involved
  • complete marketplace for footwear and leather goods with Gardabags
  • located on Lake Garda, a territory with a dual, business and leisure, identity


Being the first appointment on the international trade fair calendar, the fair allows visitors to have a complete preview of new fashion trends, plan orders well in advance, and promptly identify changes in the footwear market.


A European crossroads of trade exchanges for the volume footwear sector, Expo Riva Schuh is recognised by the major world production clusters as an ideal platform for meeting the vast international offer of this product category.


Expo Riva Schuh proposes a unique exhibition model that actively involves the Exhibition Centre, the Congress Centre and 8 hotels in Riva del Garda. A dynamic and interactive network that allows you to meet multiple exhibition       needs, from those typical of the exhibition market to one-to-one meetings.


The grouping of Gardabags and Expo Riva Schuh at the Exhibition Centre from June 2019 further strengthened the business potential of the two events and took the form of an even more comprehensive marketplace for the entire fashion world.


The setting of Lake Garda makes it possible to enhance the product range of Expo Riva Schuh, harmonizing it with the excellence of the territory and suggesting a different way of conducting business: through meetings and exchanges with a business-leisure soul.

Upcoming Editions

94th edition 11-14 December 2020

95th edition 12-15 June 2021