Expo Riva Schuh

Expo Riva Schuh is today’s leading international exhibition for volume production footwear at a mid-range price point. It is Europe’s most important event for this market segment.
Expo Riva Schuh is a meeting place for international business: an event where companies and buyers from around the world meet and interact. 
There are companies from Italy and Europe, as well as the increasingly important presence of companies from India, China, and Brazil - the world leaders in footwear production. 
Expo Riva Schuh is the first event in the international fair calendar. This means visitors get a thorough preview of offerings and can plan orders well in advance. For exhibitors, it represents the first opportunity to test out collections and fine-tune production plans.

Expo Riva Schuh is also the last event in the ordering calendar for quick production and restocking options. This innovative feature is designed for those fair visitors – approximately 35% of those in attendance - interested in restocking options or new models for the upcoming season.

This feature actually serves a two-fold purpose; it also makes Expo Riva Schuh an excellent opportunity to identify international market trends and shifts, a real added value. 

Expo Riva Schuh has always placed business first, through the strength of its role as a European crossroads for commercial exchange for the volume footwear sector. This results in statistics that have made Expo Riva Schuh the leading fair in this product category, both at national and international level. 

Expo Riva Schuh in figures:

Over 13,000 professional visitors with a consistent increase in visitors coming from Italy, Greece, Spain and Poland, as far as Europe is concerned, while from North America there is a notable increase in buyers from United States, Canada and  from Asia the major increments were registered from Pakistan and Bangladesh.

1,455 exhibitors from 37 different nations, including 287 Italian companies and 1,177 from abroad. 

4 types of exhibitor: manufacturing supplier, agent, import/export, direct manufacturer

32,412 square metres net of exhibition space