Expo Riva Show

The time has come for the fashion community to meet again, to share experiences and points of view, see which way the sector is heading and turn the crisis into an opportunity.
From 16th to 19th January 2021, Expo Riva Schuh & Gardabags will be back, to enhance connections between companies and those working in this sector, with an all-digital Home Edition and with Expo Riva Show, the  latest in a series of new initiatives.
Expo Riva Show - The Shoe Connection is a collection of interviews, round table debates, presentations and talks which features the leading lights of the world of volume footwear, leather goods and accessories.
It is an initiative that involves opinion leaders and national companies as well as international sector leaders, who are ready to guide buyers and exhibitors towards the discovery of successful, new business models. 

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The Expo Riva Show CHANNELS:

  • Expo Riva Show |  Live
  • ShowRoom - the commercial channel available from 16th February 2021

The main TOPICS of Expo Riva Show:

  • The role of B2B events in the post-Covid supply chain 
  • Retail and new consumer practices
  • Sustainability: opportunity or ineluctable future?
  • The retail challenges: from digitalisation to the new formats
  • New processes for new markets

The FOCUS of Expo Riva Show?

  • Macro consumer trends: 2021 – 2023
  • Differences and similarities between online and offline consumption
  • Conscious consumption and militant consumption
  • Is sustainability elitist or for the masses?
  • One format for everyone or every format for one? 
  • The phygital world and experience personalisation
  • Consumer-driven industrial processes
  • Process transformation and the value chain  

All the Expo Riva Show content will be available in direct streaming from 16th to 19th January 2021 inside the LIVE channels of the Swapcard platform.
When the live event closes and up until 30th April 2021, the recordings of all the events in the programme will be available on demand.