Covid-19 communication

For updates on the Covid-19 Dossier that also concern Italy, please visit the official websites of the World Health Organization and  of the Italian Health Department.

For further information on the activity and measures adopted by Riva del Garda Fierecongressi, the organizing body of the fair, check the institutional website.

UPDATE AT 15th JUNE 2020

Responsibility, safety, business. The 94th edition of Expo Riva Schuh and the 5th edition of Gardabags scheduled for December 11th to 14th 2020 in Riva del Garda, will take place with all due consideration for the rules designed to safeguard the health of all those involved.  

In accordance with safety protocols established by the authorities concerned, strict sanitisation procedures for all areas are planned together with the use of PPE. 

The number of people entering will be managed right down to individual stands via registration or matching systems, whereas the event opening times will be extended. 

Inside the halls of the exhibition centre there will be new layouts and a complete re-design which will make social distancing possible.

The organisers of Expo Riva Schuh and Gardabags, Riva del Garda Fierecongressi, will shortly launch an informative campaign dedicated to the issue of responsibility, safety and “business post Corona-virus.” This initiative will be communicated via all the event’s channels. 


In this, the second phase of the Covid-19 emergency, the Italian Government is paying heed to the guidelines set out by the World Health Organisation and is preparing health and behavioural measures that will enable all businesses, including those in the footwear and leathergoods sector, to re-start their activities.   

Social distancing, the use of items for personal protection and the measures for sanitising premises and spaces will alter the way in which we carry out our daily lives and businesses to safeguard our health.  

The timing and methods for the various manufacturing sectors to re-open will be detailed over the coming weeks by the appropriate authorities. 

As we do not yet have precise indications regarding the organisation of exhibitions and related events, we aim to communicate the dates of the next edition of Expo Riva Schuh & Gardabags as soon as possible, and in accordance  with national legislation.



Given the on-going emergency health situation which almost all the countries in the world are currently facing, the Riva del Garda Fierecongressi board of directors, having carefully examined the entire scenario, has taken the   decision that the current conditions do not permit us to carry out the forthcoming editions of Expo Riva Schuh and Gardabags, originally scheduled for June 13th to 16th in Riva del Garda.

The senior management of the organising company simultaneously initiated a consultation amongst all those involved – exhibitors, visitors and stakeholders, both local and international, in order to evaluate the possibility of revising the calendar and bringing the winter edition forward to the latter part of 2020, rather  than its normal slot which sees in the new year in the month of January.

Knowing that the decision to suspend the summer edition will have a direct economic and organisational impact on the entire chain involved, Riva del Garda Fierecongressi intends to explore other potential ways of safeguarding the sector’s business, laying  the foundations for new trade fair strategies that take into account market needs and that are able to provide the impetus to a real recovery of international trade. 

Over the coming weeks, operational details and strategic choices will be disclosed in light of the on-going analyses.

UPDATE AT 12th MARCH 2020  

The respect of the health and work safety of all actors involved in the organization of the most important international fair dedicated to volume footwear and leather goods shall take priority over anything else. Therefore, we set out to communicate  to all our exhibitors and visitors that we are currently planning the 94th edition of Expo Riva Schuh and the fifth Gardabags.

The health emergency that hit us demands responsibility and caution, complying with the ordinances in order to guarantee the safety and health of all our stakeholders. At the same time, we wish to ensure continuity to our services and projects.

Therefore, wr are constantly monitoring the global and European scenario concentrating our efforts in creating an extremely important event for the global footwear market. We are going to promptly update the progress of the new  editions of Expo Riva Schuh and Gardabags, always aiming to provide our greatest support to businesses and market development.

In compliance with the rules laid down, the staff undertakes to continue the normal telework activity and remains at your complete disposal by phone, by e-mail and videoconference to answer all questions.