Regulations for visitors



Organiser: the Company/Body that organises the event.

Ticket: the valid document, correctly purchased or supplied, with varying rights, from the Organiser, the presentation of which permits the holder to gain access to the event that takes place in the location allocated to the same, (hereinafter ‘location’), on the dates and within the stipulated opening times. The ticket must be displayed, undamaged, upon entry, to reception staff and must be conserved for the entire period in which its holder remains in the location.

Ticket purchaser: the subject who purchases the Ticket from the Organiser.

Ticket-holder: the ticket purchaser and/or anyone present or in possession of the Ticket.

Professional operator: the subject who operates, on a professional basis, activities in the sector for which the event is organised.


2.1 The Ticket price corresponds to the face value indicated on the Ticket itself. All prices include V.A.T.

2.2 Tickets may be sold to the Ticket purchaser in various manners, according to the distribution channel selected by the Organiser. Tickets may be made available in printed form or in electronic form.


3.1 Only those Ticket-holders in possession of a valid, current ticket acquired or supplied legally, with varying rights (for example: invitation coupon), from the Organiser through the official channels.

3.2 The organiser is not obliged to replace any lost, spoiled, damaged, destroyed, stolen or illegible Tickets.

3.3 Re-sale of the Ticket for financial gain is strictly prohibited, unless in concordance with specific agreements made by the Organiser with third parties.

3.4 Furthermore, the Ticket may not be transferred or given to third parties for commercial, advertising or promotional purposes without the prior authorisation of the Organiser. In the event of Tickets being acquired by non-authorised third parties or in the event of the Ticket being stolen, counterfeit, illegible or copied, the Ticket-holder will not be allowed to enter the event. 


4.1 The organiser reserves the right to cancel and/or re-schedule the events included within its calendar.

In this event, reimbursement of entry fees will only be granted in the case of cancellation and/or re-scheduling by the Organiser as stipulated by law.

4.2 The Ticket-holder is required to note that certain factors, such as adverse weather conditions, security or public order reasons, force majeure or other organisational factors not attributable to the organiser may result in changes to the dates and times of the event. In the event of such situations the Organiser denies all responsibility.

4.3 The organiser will not be held in any way responsible for any additional cost, expense or damage sustained by the Ticket-holder.


5.1 The Ticket-holder is obliged to respect these rules which are on display at the entrance and inside the location and on the website, and is obliged to respect all directions considered necessary and issued and communicated by the Organiser for technical or organisational reasons. 

5.2 To gain access and remain inside the location, the Ticket-holder must observe the following regulations:

a.  The Ticket-holder accepts and agrees to these Terms and Conditions;

b. The Ticket-holder must behave in a suitable manner according to laws regarding order and public safety and must not represent a threat to the safety of the event in general and nor to the visiting public;

c. The Ticket-holder must not interfere with nor disturb or attempt to interrupt the normal running of the activities within the event;

d. The Ticket-holder, for his/her own safety and for the safety of any minor accompanying the Ticket-holder, is obliged to pay the utmost attention and to take maximum care and diligence within the event and to respect the notices and behaviour guidance displayed within the location and in the proximity of the same. 

5.3 Minors under the age of 12 years may not enter the exhibition centre unless accompanied by an adult (a person who has reached at least 18 years of age).

5.4 School visits are permitted only by prior agreement and only on the days indicated by the Organiser. Unauthorised school students will not be allowed to enter the event.

5.5 The Organiser reserves the unique right to allow or forbid the entry of animals of any kind, with the exception of guide dogs for the visually impaired.

Inside the location it is forbidden to introduce:

Guns, firearms or other instruments that may be offensive or dangerous to the physical and/or mental well-being of people (examples of this are, not exclusively: explosive devices, fireworks, smoke bombs, toy weapons, reproductions or imitations of firearms that might be mistaken for real firearms, electric truncheons, chemical substances, gas or sprays that may produce disabling or immobilising effects, acids and animal repellents, knives, blades, cutters, scissors, etc.);

Trumpets and any other form of musical instrument, unless expressly authorised by the Organiser, megaphones and other systems for the emission or amplification of sound and other objects that may constitute a danger to the health of those present inside the location or that may cause disturbance or compromise the regular running of the event; 

Narcotic substances, poisons, dangerous substances, inflammable materials, varnishes or other materials that may soil or dirty.

5.7 The Ticket-holder, as a determining condition for being allowed entry to the event, gives his/her consent to any safety inspections and any other necessary controls, including the use of a metal detector, before or during the visit to the location. In the interests of carrying out said safety and checking procedures, with the scope of preventing the introduction of the materials and substances indicated in point 5.6 of these regulations to the event, the Ticket-holder may be asked to show the contents of bags, rucksacks or any other kind of luggage or personal articles.

5.8 In carrying out their duties of checking, security and safety personnel employed by the Organiser, amongst others, may carry out the following:

a. Preliminary checks:

Preliminary outline observations of the areas to be used for the event, in order to verify the presence of any illegal substances or forbidden items, as well as any other material that may be improperly used putting at risk the health or well-being of persons, and the obligation of immediate communication to the Police and other Authorities or competent public structures.

The adoption of any suitable initiative to avoid the creation of obstacles or impediment to the accessibility of the escape routes and, in any case, to ensure the correct running of any entertainment or event;

b. Public access entry checks:

event entry protection and regulation of public flow;

checking for the possession of a valid entry ticket where required and, in the event of a named ticket or a minimum age restriction for entry, check of an identity document and of adherence to the regulations governing entry;

initial visual check of persons, aimed at establishing the introduction of illegal substances, prohibited items or materials that may be dangerous for public safety or the health of persons, with the obligation to immediately advise the Police and other Authorities or competent public structures;

c. Checks inside the area designated for the carrying out the event:

generic observational activity for ascertaining adherence to behavioural rules, regulations and guidelines established by public or private bodies;

activities during the initial procedures, that are not the competence of public bodies, nor the use of force of other means of constraint or exposure to risky elements, aimed at interrupting potentially dangerous conduct or situations for the safety or the health of persons. It is understood that the Police and other authorities or competent public structures are to be informed immediately, to whom the maximum collaboration must be granted if requested.

5.9 Inside the location it is forbidden to behave in any such way that may cause dangerous situations and/or place at risk the personal safety of the Ticket-holder or third parties and/or any behaviour contrary to public order and/or good manners and/or that may, in any way, disturb the regular running of the event and the Organiser’s activities, including, for example: smoking in areas that are not designated for the purpose, gambling, unauthorised money-handling, promotional activity either individual or group, any form of advertising or marketing activity by any method and not authorised by the competent offices of the Organiser, protests linked to unions or political or religious groups, sales of goods by persons not authorised or in places that are not authorised, sales of tickets, transmission and/or recording of unauthorised details, for commercial means, via cell phones or other instruments (video cameras, cameras, recorders, etc.), the entry of any reporter or journalist not authorised with recording and/or filming equipment, cameras, attempts to gain access to reserved areas, requests for money or other goods without prior consent (for example for musical or entertainment activities at the entrance or inside the location), begging, touting, etc..

5.10 The violation of these rules will be reported to the Organiser and competent authorities. Furthermore, the Organiser reserves the right to seek compensation for any damages caused.


6.1 The Ticket-holder grants his/her consent to be photographed, filmed or recorded by the Organiser or third parties nominated by the same, within the location. The organiser or third parties charged by the same are authorised to transmit, publish, allow the use of photographs, images, films and recording carried out within the location and that contain the Ticket-holder without this entitling him/her to any form of recognition nor compensation of any kind. The Organiser or third parties charged by him or anyone who has been granted the right by these to use the named materials will not be held responsible to the Ticket-holder for any use of the material permissible by applicable law.

6.2 The Ticket-holder, by acquiring the entry ticket, likewise accepts that all external and internal areas of the exhibition centre are, for reasons of security, subject to video surveillance and that the recorded images are handled, as stipulated in the privacy document, according to the general rules disciplining personal data protection and the civil and penal orders concerning illicit interference in private life. Said images, for the verification of criminal events or events of particular importance for public safety, will be placed at the disposal of legal authorities or legal police who will carry out a specific enquiry.

6.3 Images, videos and sound recordings made at the location, carried out by the Ticket-holder using a camera, video camera or audio device may only be used for domestic and private purposes. Therefore, the Ticket-holder may not sell, concede the use, broadcast, publish or anyway use such materials for commercial gain.


7.1 These Terms and Conditions are duly brought to the attention of Ticket purchasers and all others possessing a Ticket by means of display at the entrance and inside the location and on the website, representing the single existing contract between the parties. By acquiring a ticket (for the Ticket purchasers) and by exhibiting the ticket at the time of entry to reception personnel (for other ticket holders), these terms and conditions are automatically confirmed and accepted.

7.2 These Terms and Conditions are set down in Italian, as the official language, and also in English, and are exclusively governed by Italian law. The Court of Rovereto will exclusively handle any relative controversy that may rise.


8.1 The Organiser does not assume any responsibility for damages caused to the Ticket-holder for reasons that are not attributable to him nor for damages caused by the Ticket-holder to third parties and/or their possessions.

8.2 The Organiser cannot be held responsible for the consequences deriving from imprudent or negligent behaviour by the Ticket-holder: the Ticket-holder is in any case obliged to observe the utmost care and attention during his/her visit to the event.

8.3 Any accident involving the Ticket-holder must be immediately reported to the security staff for an immediate check of the state of the scene of the accident and items and for the completion of relative documentation. In any case, the failure by the Ticket-holder to immediately report the occurrence relieves the Organiser of any form of responsibility towards the Ticket-holder. 

8.4 Furthermore, the Organiser cannot be held responsible for unforeseen damages and/or indirect damages sustained by the Ticket-holder as regulated by the Civil Code that refers.


The Organiser will conserve the personal data supplied by the Ticket Purchaser and the Ticket-holder, including that provided at the moment of entry to the event, in strict confidentiality. Such data will be handled by the Organiser in strict compliance with D.lgs. 196/2003 and the permits conceded for data sharing with partners at the time of the purchase of the Ticket or conceded by means of the visitor’s profile on the website. All information regarding privacy is available on the Organiser’s website.


The Ticket-holder is also required to observe any special regulations that may be issued for individual events that to this effect, are to be entirely recalled.

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