Wednesday, October 21, 2020 SHOES FOR GIRLS: LAST TRENDS

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The closure of physical shops and the subsequent suspension of the sales of items such as clothing, footwear and accessories, has inevitably changed the rules of shopping. And the implications of Covid-19 for each and every sector is not just short term,         but will also impact upon the future. Whilst shoppers are re-thinking what they actually need and coming to terms with purchases that are carefully considered and items that are strictly necessary, multi-purpose, sustainable garments that will last  in time are constantly increasing in importance.  

Spring/Summer 22 will be strongly influenced by new priorities emerging as a result of the pandemic and that includes shoes for girls. Functionality, protection and emotionality are the key words  for a collection that will need to be increasingly on the lookout for artisanal quality and DIY, as well as multi-functional design that will last in time.  Designing for the circular economy, re-thinking and reducing waste to a bare minimum, recycling plastic, using biodegradable raw materials    such as natural rubber, considering mono-materials will increasingly become priorities, as will  be the need to create a feeling of positivity by using bright colours and playful elements. 

The quest for comfort  at home will inspire soft sandals  for Spring/Summer 2022, while the fascination with handcrafted goods will lead to the use of oversize fabrics and folds, reducing the needs in terms of stitching to a minimum. Together   with this will be the desire  for sustainability and minimal  design. The use of vegetable tannin – a natural substance that can be found in bark, leaves and the seeds of trees, fruit and vegetables, will help to keep colours natural,  whilst  hand-crafting and materials derived  from nature will create a  design that is sustainable and timeless, ideal for Spring/Summer 2022 and beyond. 

The choice of natural fabrics and raw edges and un-dyed, un-treated raw materials such as bamboo  and hemp will result in a sustainable product  which will combine  to offer a look for all seasons. The sandal, a fundamental piece of footwear loved for its practicality and wide range of uses, will feature amongst the stars of the Spring/Summer  2022 season: sandals with a wedge will be teamed  up with women’s  clothing with puffed-up uppers and broad soles to create a #futuristiclook

The boundary between use in indoor and outdoor spaces, between a quiet and active lifestyle, will  give shape to simple and functional sandals, with essential  shapes,  fewer materials and great adaptability to different occasions. Amongst  the novelties, we will see the return of the kingfisher, an item that resists time, suitable for  the beach and the summer months, but which also works well for a casual  and  sporty aesthetic look, and that, combined with its resistance  and artisan elements, make it ideal both for the beach and for daytime walks in the cooler months.  

Floral themes will return to enhance women's shoes, which fashion demands to be paired   with deliberately bold and daring socks. And while  brands are rethinking the use of waste materials as a resource, companies are getting organised to create  mosaic soles with mixed plastic waste and natural rubber, and knitted uppers using yarns  that  otherwise would have been disposed  of.