Wednesday, October 28, 2020 MEN’S FASHION ACCESSORIES

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The world of men's fashion is as varied as that of women. There are many facets, and it is vital to be aware of all the trends if you don’t want to be left behind and aim to always keep up with the trends of the moment. Finding out which garments and    accessories are the most popular is more necessary than ever today, since there are plenty of certainties in terms of style, but just as many new entries. And fashion necessarily takes place in the present moment in time

If it is true that practicality  has always been top of the list among the basic requirements of men's accessories, then the need for a versatile product that is well suited to a variety of needs will increase more and more in the post-pandemic period.   Consumers will be on the look-out  for the best reasons to make each purchase, which, in addition to aesthetic appeal, will need the design to be as functional as possible. #Modularpockets, accessories with multiple uses that are versatile  must  therefore be the key themes of every  design, as well as practicality, a consideration that is increasingly rooted in the minds of consumers. 

Responding to changes in lifestyle by ensuring product quality is the key, as is the exploration of  innovative materials that ensure protection,  such as antimicrobial copper and radiation shielding fabrics. It is important to offer lively  and playful products, but with deliberately nostalgic elements, under the banner of #retroprints, as well  as components in sponge and recycled waterproof  nylon. Giving a nod to the rise of sustainable DIY techniques, updating leather  bags with #crafteddetails, is fundamental today, as well as focusing more and more on #modulardesign, the key concept  of all categories of accessories, especially travel accessories. 

After an extended period spent indoors during the  pandemic, functional high-performance products dedicated to rural activities and moments spent immersed in nature have gained  importance: #stayvacations and  #inthegreatoutdoors continue   to be top priorities. Bags designed for  outdoor trips must be equipped with several front pockets with zips, while the waist strap along the profile of the backpack allows for  practicality when heavily loaded. It is vital to  include as many compartments  for the bags as possible,  so that the content can be better organised, but also to add some retro touches: the desire to escape and seek  #joyfulexpression during  uncertain global circumstances,  such as the moment we are currently going through,  means  looking for comfort in nostalgia (in its positive meaning): in fact, retro-inspired colours and prints are increasingly featured in the emerging style in  the men's market.  Roomy bags, oversized proportions and wide straps make them ideal  accessories  for all sorts of uses, from the beach to shopping; with clips or key rings on the bottom of the bag that guarantee even greater functionality. 

Large  modular  bags sporting compartments of multiple sizes are ideal  for  commuters in particular,  for whom they offer smart storage solutions for all the essentials: from pockets suitable for water bottles to compartments for mobile phones,   with closures that provide the perfect balance between fashion,  outdoor inspiration and functionality. Small  modular accessories designed to store the bare essentials, however, are well suited to the utilitarian needs of the  #consideredcommuter.  The choice of recycled finishes and crocheted elements  is important, key details for the men's accessories of  the next collections, as well as raffia and sustainable natural materials.