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Three months until Christmas. It feels like an eternity, considering this strange period of history that we are living through, where everyone is taken up with the pandemic, not leaving much time for anything else, especially for an event that still seems     a long time away. But, in reality, some people are already thinking about December 25th, because the health crisis has forced everybody to re-define their lifestyle and the world of commerce has already started promoting familiar aspects  of   the coming  festivities. From the more strictly traditional winter ones to design: the items that meet the new spending priorities of consumers over the past six months have drastically changed, in the wake of Covid-19, and Christmas  gifts  will  be revisited accordingly.  But one thing is certain: if it is true that travel is still off the cards, then for Christmas 2020, gifts will be increasingly important. 

Therefore, it is vital to invest in this concept, especially in the so-called #homehub: given the way things  have evolved towards more flexible working, then multi-purpose design, technology and accessories for archiving combined with decorative  accents, will become fundamental elements. We will see fashion items that transcend the winter holidays, reduce  the usual waste of little-used products and guarantee better shopping opportunities.  In the same vein, we can look forward  to articles that draw on home rituals, such as baths and skin care routines. But among the 2020 Christmas gifts there  will also be accessories, including footwear, especially those that can be worn both at home and outside, such as socks, the  perfect last minute gift, that will feature as the "new footwear.” 

Some of the big brands are offering #socksandsandals to  create a mix of design and comfort, some using recycled, antibacterial and organic materials. Amongst the list of perfect  gifts there is also the slipper for the home, which uses the  new #stayhomestyle, embellishing its look with luxury materials  and decorations. Inspired by “special occasion” footwear, with the upper decorated with bows, crystal and pompoms. Slippers  are the perfect gift and ensure a touch of elegance  even at home, a trans-seasonal idea that goes well with casual dresses  and loungewear looks alike. Comfort boots in suede, soft leather and Ugg-style synthetic fur, which can be worn both at  home and under daywear, and which ensure a fashionable  style but also perfect comfort, are also a must-have. 

The keystone for the  upcoming holidays is the #artisanaesthetic look, with creative items that are unique pieces: jewellery, eyewear  chains, bags, socks, hats and knitted accessories  will become a must-have thanks to their versatility.  Other ideas include  small  leather accessories that can be used at home or teamed up with larger objects such as backpacks and bags:  items that will then be used again later on  in the year, appreciated for their practicality  and extended usability. Phone bags, water bottle  storage bags and detachable straps will count on #modulardesign, but also on practicality and easy storage.  Earphone cases were already among  last year’s favourite gifts but will acquire  even more interest this year (especially in the youth market),  as will key rings, which offer a vast opportunity for #customisation. 

More serious investments will  be geared towards pieces with  a strong sentimental value: #abovethekeyboarddressing,  pendant necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants with  initials and zodiac signs will attract the attention of consumers, as well as jewellery boxes,  which will once again  become #novelty luxury branded gifts, offering new  shapes that are bang up to date. Also featuring for next Christmas are multipurpose  accessories such as scarves, ponchos, shawls and knitted hats, handmade items that can  then be worn  right through the seasons.