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A sporty look, bright little touches and strong contrasts. Add an extra pinch of joy and plenty of flamboyant or pastel colours to make those warm summer days of 2020 special. And so this is the fashion we have seen in the children’s  collections for the     season that is now coming to a close: an absolute triumph of colours, elegance and comfort. And this latest trend has also impacted on footwear and accessories for little ones, with outdoor activities being the leitmotif of retail sales  for   products  targeted for summer 2020. 

From the analysis carried out by WGSN, the main summer theme was #stayvacation, in contrast with #stayhomestyle, with footwear and accessory retailers who have focused on creations suitable for a summer full of outdoor  activities,  accompanied by  #beachcombing ocean motifs, from the charm of camping to escapes to the seaside. Straw and raffia were the key materials featured in kids’ accessories, with original bags that are chic and elegant  enough for evening wear too, with the  unusual  use of a material that is normally considered more appropriate for a daytime look.  

Not only were raffia accessories loved for their softness, but also for their ecological, natural, recyclable and sustainable aspects, of great ethical importance.  With sustainability and innovation being the core themes of the season’s collections,   together with playfulness – assured, thanks to certain manufacturers’ collaboration with toy brands – the collections sparkled with the addition of nostalgic  video-game  prints, from Playstation to Minecraft and analogue gaming consoles. 

As for priorities, trans-seasonality has earned the top spot on the podium, with rust orange and terracotta tones, alongside the golden tones of summer and pastel colours,  offering  an easy transition to autumn. Amongst the most ‘in’ motifs  for children’s accessories were tropical fruits, the sun, as well as nature and safari designs. Spring/Summer 2021 will evolve towards an increasingly present nature theme, with fashion  accessories  decorated with  seashells, beads  and macramé, to give a #homemade and ‘do-it-yourself’ look. 

As far as footwear is concerned, the swimming pool style waterproof sandal, with bright colours, or creations in rubber as a single material will  be  dominant.  Uppers in metallic leather will give sandals a shiny, futuristic look, whereas those in mesh will ensure even greater comfort. Amongst the new entries we will see protruding soles that will act as “bumpers,” scratched and translucent  textures,   which will refresh the collections, especially sneakers. Spring/Summer  2022 will focus on new insights for children with biomaterials and rough textures, transparent rainbows and iridescent coatings, with #transparenttouch and shiny details,   thanks  also to the use of recycled PET. And with it, sequins and holographs, that will add a playful, lively touch to the creations.