Sunday, January 14, 2018 Trend for women is all about a new femininity

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Trend for women is all about a new femininity

The fashion footwear trends for women are all about a new femininity, where good taste is interpreted with a modern look and a touch of freshness and great attention to comfort, without neglecting style. 

There are plenty of warm colours, such as red and shocking pink, as well as the ever popular blue, especially very bright shades of blue.

The stars of the show are boots of all shapes and heights. As well as the street-style of ankle boots, this new femininity is evident with seductive knee and thigh boots, some combining a blend of leather and fabrics that wrap around the leg. 

Heels are also important, with the emphasis on comfort that is often enhanced with small details such as studs, beads and other decorative elements. 

And along the same lines, that "comfort is the new fashion," ballerina slippers return to make up part of the wardrobe with laces and details that make them extra fashionable. 

Another great comeback is the slipper in its more glamorous and original form, with fur inserts that will make them one of the trendiest accessories for next Autumn. Fur is also prevalent among sandals, sneakers, slip-on styles and open-backed moccasins. 

Space is also given over to vintage styles with a romantic return to ankle straps and the discreet elegance of Mary Janes, here seen with a medium to low square heel.