Saturday, January 13, 2018 Comfort is fashion

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Comfort is fashion

For Autumn/Winter 2018-2019 a general trend is emerging from Expo Riva Schuh aimed towards comfort, with details that conjure up a certain classical elegance, somewhere between formality and tradition. Gone, therefore, is the idea that “comfort is not fashion” and a hybrid trend is in evidence that is designed to bring together different materials, styles and colours. The eclectic designs that will feature in next year's winter season range from contemporary and minimalist moods, with flowing, sophisticated shapes and more linear, modern uppers, to a trend towards decorative elements, expressed in details that provide a little character. 

In this same footwear the lightness off materials and special details come together, with reinforced soles contrasting with beads and studs which enhance heels and the uppers with their detail. Fur also makes a comeback as a winter trend, softly wrapped around ankles with a decidedly glamorous touch. 

There is no doubt about the colour choices: the hues are strong and bright with a clear emphasis on red for ladies' footwear. 

Sports shoes have a clearly defined identity, with robust soles and toecaps, clip closings and attachments inspired by the world of skiing, along with protective, padded elements.  

Brands continue to demonstrate a growing attention towards eco-sustainability and care for the environment, with recyclable, innovative materials making their way more and more into the collections.