Monday, January 15, 2018 Men's footwear fot the next winter season

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Men's footwear fot the next winter season

Comfort first and foremost for men's footwear next winter season. An elegantly relaxed style prevails, with evolving shapes that are increasingly rounded and fitted. The emphasis is on quality and attention to detail, inspired by the classic designs of the 1950's and 60's.

Once again this year, sneakers are predominant: fun, audacious and ironic, some even daring to boast cartoon characters for those men who don't take themselves too seriously.

Lace-up shoes and moccasins - classic and elegant - are not missing from the range either, to be alternated with a more urban look.

Sports footwear is as trendy as ever in terms of shape and functionality, offering a completely essential accessory on the wishlist of the contemporary man. Very much in vogue are sporty ankle boots and hiking shoes that can also be worn in town, with fur linings for even the coldest of winters.

As far as materials go, the combination of mixed leathers seems to be a winner, for example the mix of patent leather with stressed touches and precious chamois leathers.

The most evident aspect of men's footwear is the sole, which, thanks to its contrast with the upper and unusual inserts, such as studs, adds great style to the footwear. More and more daring experimentation emerges, including the possibility to personalise with designs under the sole or even on the upper, such as Flemish painted or metropolitan graffiti.