WonderStore relies on the latest IoT, Computer Vision, AI, and storytelling analytics to profile, count, track, and analyze customers. All data collected is strictly anonymous and GDPR compliant. Customers are profiled with data on gender, age, emotions, presence of beards, glasses, head posture, dwell time, conversion rate, visitor flows and, in upcoming releases, which customers browse, how they browse, what clothes they wear and many other characteristics determined by facial analysis and computer vision technology. The company is also developing new computer vision models to help companies optimize goods in warehouses and reduce waste.

13 - 16 January 202415 - 18 June 2024

Exhibition CentreVia Baltera, 20 - 38066 - Riva del Garda (TN)

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Around the World: Expo Riva Schuh & Gardabags goes to Turkey

Monday, November 13, 2023

The objective of Expo Riva Schuh & Gardabags goes beyond simply selling exhibition space. Edition after edition (number 100 will be held in Riva del Garda from 13 to 16 January 2024), it aims to creat…

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