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At an event dedicated to footwear and fashion accessories, discussing the latest trends in the aisles of the halls is inevitable. Especially consumer trends: “What products are selling best in stores? What's new for the coming seasons?".
These are the questions nagging at shoe manufacturers and buyers.

Expo Riva Schuh & Gardabags addresses these issues by providing trade fair participants with a dedicated space, the Highlights Area, where, in collaboration with ARSUTORIA, consumer trends will be presented for shoes (men's, women's and sneakers), bags (men's and women's) and accessories. The aim is to assist in selecting collections at the fair and in designing new lines for upcoming seasons.

Here are some previews of the market’s most sought-after products and those that will animate future showcases.

The Mary Jane is an icon of elegance and versatility that has spanned the decades, adapting to changes in fashion. From simple and functional to elaborate and decorative, these shoes present endless possibilities for reinterpretation. Designers can explore shapes, materials and details, crafting variants ranging from everyday minimalism to formal elegance and even sportier, more daring styles. The Mary Jane remains a cornerstone of feminine elegance, proving that the classics never fade. Today, more than ever, these shoes are a must-have on nearly every catwalk.

The leopard print not only sets a trend for Autumn Winter 2024-25, but also serves as a powerful symbol of style and personal expression that will continue to influence the coming seasons. A style that continues to evolve and adapt, maintaining a significant presence in fashion culture. It confirms its status as a timeless classic.
The popularity of leopard print has been highlighted by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, who sported a fur-effect coat by Balenciaga at the brand’s fashion show, exemplifying the broad appeal of this print in both high fashion and street style circles.
In recent fashion shows, we have seen a surge in bold creativity, with this print presented in pop variants and reinterpreted in modern contexts

The ease of combining leopard print, particularly in accessories like bags and shoes, makes it a key element in adding a touch of character to any outfit. The statement “leopard print is a neutral colour” emphasises its versatile nature and how easily it can be integrated into various looks, proving that, despite its bold appeal, it can also be regarded as a timeless classic in contemporary fashion.

Worth keeping an eye on are stylish solutions proposing an interplay of transparencies, mixing sensuality, cheekiness and playfulness together: perfect ingredients for footwear and leather goods.

Another very interesting element capable of sprucing up fashion creations are knots. Clear and bold, they define the style and assert a path of strong personality.

The recent Met Gala, in fact, confirmed all of the above-mentioned trends, transforming them into icons through the characteristic extravagance defining the event’s artistic works.