Covid Free

Taking part physically in the next edition of Expo Riva Schuh & Gardabags is a concrete opportunity for the footwear, leather goods and accessory markets to re-start, in a way that must be totally safe from start to finish.

We inform you that EU Covid Certification is not necessary to access the Exhibition Center, but the usage of face masks remains mandatory.


From 1 May, the new regulations of the Ministry of Health regarding the use of personal protective equipment and the possession of basic green pass and super green pass to access some places came into force.

To know more, visit the official Ministry of Health Website.


It isn’t easy to keep track of all the various rules and regulations that keep on changing and to be sure that you have all the necessary documentation to be able to set off calmly for Italy by plane, train or automobile!

Before starting your journey, the Expo Riva Schuh & Gardabags team advises you to:

1. Check the entry requirements to/from Italy on the portal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and Ministry of Health.



2. Contact ‘ONTHEGO’, our travel agency, to plan your risk-free business trip to Riva del Garda: from hotels to airport transfers, local transfers, vehicle hire and location choices.


3. Book your PCR test before traveling back to your country. The service will be active only on Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th in the morning at the Exhibition Center - South Entrance (Hall B2). To have more information please send an email to The price will vary depending on the urgency of the results.



Being present in a place where crowding naturally occurs, such as a trade fair, at a time like this, with Covid, isn’t easy. For this reason, our team is committed to respecting, and ensuring respect, of the company’s structured protocol of containment   measures based on the guidelines provided by national and international trade associations.

Evolve’ is a campaign produced by the company that organises Expo Riva Schuh & Gardabags to effectively communicate the rules that make up this protocol.




Is it possible to buy face masks at the exhibition centre?

Access to the exhibition centre will only be permitted to those wearing a mask, which must be worn correctly. Our staff on site will provide a suitable mask for those who do not have one.

Where can I disinfect my hands?

Disinfectant gel will be available throughout the exhibition centre and every single stand will have a dispenser.

Who will manage any persons displaying symptoms?

An on site qualified medical team will take of and manage the health protocols concerning any person displaying symptoms, ensuring prompt and sensitive attention and privacy.

What will happen if somebody displays symptoms during the fair (including set-up and breakdown)?

Anybody who develops symptoms during the event may go, at any time and free of charge, to the medical centre in Hall B2. The organiser has devised a protocol which will be activated in the event of a presumed or confirmed Covid-19 diagnosis which will   be explained to the interested party by the medical staff at the centre.

How will the general cleaning service be managed at the Exhibition Centre?

The entire exhibition centre will be cleaned and disinfected periodically. Special attention will be paid to those areas that are most commonly used by participants (door handles, toilets, etc.) The cleaning team will be on hand for the entire duration   of the event to ensure frequent disinfecting of all areas within the exhibition centre.

Will it be possible to take a molecular PCR swab test directly at the fair? 
You can book a molecular PCR swab test HERE.
The service will be active on Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th in the morning, at the Exhibition Center - Entrance South (Hall B2). The price will vary depending on the urgency of the results. For more information send an email to


What are the requirements for accessing the exhibition centre?

Access to the exhibition centre will only be granted to people demonstrating good health (with no relevant signs or symptoms of ill health such as a cold, fever, loss of taste, general discomfort, etc.) who are properly wearing the appropriate PPE (face masks). 


What should be taken into account during the assembly and disassembly phases?

The general measures in force during the set-up and dismantling phases are the same as those in force during the days of the event:

  • obligation to wear PPE and hand sanitation

The organiser reserves the right to carry out random checks with respect to the correct use of personal protective equipment and compliance with the basic indications included in its virus containment protocol.


Can exhibitors set up brochure holders at their stands which visitors can use?

Legislation states that information material is managed via self-service with the installation, near the distribution point, of a sanitising liquid dispenser for hand sanitisation before each collection.

Is it still possible to exchange business cards?

As an alternative to the manual exchange and resulting physical contact of paper business cards, the organiser recommends using the fair’s new digital platform to collect and cross-reference contact information through barcode reader technology..

Do face masks have to be worn even inside the stands?

The use of PPE and especially of face masks is mandatory in every single area of the exhibition centre.


Will there be a cloakroom at the fair entrance?

Yes. The cloakrooms are situated in the two main entrance hall of the exhibition centre and will be managed according to the current legislative framework. 

Are contactless payments accepted everywhere within the exhibition centre?

Contactless payments are accepted at all the cash desks and all the catering areas within the exhibition centre.

How is catering managed at the fair?

The organiser will manage the catering service in accordance with the regulations in force.

How can food and drinks be distributed on the stands?

National regulations provides that the access to catering areas and restaurants as well as the distribution of food and drinks within the stands is free. Attention on hygiene standards is recommended.