G-move provides sensors for the analysis of user experience in physical spaces.
Through proprietary sensors, G-move collects data from people who walk through the space, profiling users in physical stores, transportation and public places, understanding their movements, return attitudes and loyalty.

Detailed user analysis allows you to deliver personalized and customer-centric services, removing barriers and making the experience more fluent.

G-move's technology is in the process of being patented internationally and provides actionable metrics in real time, specialized on sectors:

  • transportation
  • passenger boarding and alighting point
  • travel and waiting time
  • return frequency
  • retail
  • display window effectiveness
  • movement in the store
  • effectiveness of layout and combined promotions
  • smart city and events
  • degree of interest towards attractions
  • monitoring of advertising panel exposure

The G-move analytics system is the only one in Europe that allows to collect data on people's return and permanence without using any personal data.
The sensors are easy to install, low impact and work in all conditions (light, dark, open, closed).
100% compliant with GDPR and worker protection laws.

15 - 18 June 202415 - 18 June 2024

Exhibition CentreVia Baltera, 20 - 38066 - Riva del Garda (Italy)

The international mission of the Riva exhibition, which wants to get to know and monitor more and more the global markets that produce, buy and distribute footwear, continues. The stop in Portugal for…

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