Friends of Expo Riva Schuh

The non- profit, private cultural association called FRIENDS OF EXPO RIVA SCHUH has been founded. Its aim is to:

  • Enhance and promote the history and socio-cultural impact of the exhibition "Expo Riva Schuh", by collecting and preserving historical records in an archive that will be based in Riva del Garda;
  • Consolidate the roots of "Expo Riva Schuh" in the Upper Garda area and the Province of Trento, by organizing complementary events during the two annual editions of the exhibition;
  • Promote national and international relations with local museums, fashion institutes, design schools related to the product sector of footwear and leather goods, organise conferences and meetings related to the theme of fashion.

Who can apply?

Individuals, Associations, Private or Public Organisations may become part of the Association, based on the criteria established by the Assembly, be they Italian or foreign.

 The requirements for joining are the following:

  • Being or having been an exhibitor of the exhibition "Expo Riva Schuh"
  • Being or having been visitors of the exhibition "Expo Riva Schuh"
  • Being or having been a service provider for the organization of the exhibition "Expo Riva Schuh," either directly or indirectly
  • Promoting or having promoted, assisting or having assisted with the creation and execution of the exhibition "Expo Riva Schuh" in the Trentino region.