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New consumer awareness and market strategies, the post-pandemic shopping experience and the need for personalisation: leaders from the industry will reveal all at the Expo Riva Schuh Live Talk.

The sharing of values, personalisation and the creation of positive experiences: these are the key drivers that retailers and brands will need to aim for if they are to intercept the new, post-pandemic consumer. A consumer with greater awareness and responsibility, firmly sustaining slow shopping and viewing the local community as vital, yet, at the same time, dependent on digital technology that provides an independent shopping experience and looking to a future which, despite everything, is considered positive.

This constantly shifting and very articulate scenario was analysed during ‘The Future Shopper’ Live Talk, part of the Expo Riva Schuh & Gardabags programme, led by Enrico Cietta, CEO of Diomedea, Maria Eugenia Errobidarte, Senior Consultant at WSGN, Karin Zaghi, Associate Professor of Practice of Channel & Retail and Emanuela Prandelli, Director of the Fashion, Design & Experience Management Master at SDA Bocconi.
That which emerged looks very much like a challenge to which market leaders will need to rise in an increasingly authoritative manner and, above all, aiming towards values that don’t end with simple storytelling, but that become strongly significant and result in actions that are destined for success. Proactive behaviour, alongside product sustainability, will go hand in hand with social responsibility, respect for people and communities and clear market choices to make a firm commitment, and which form the yardstick for Generation Z, to which the consumer of the future belongs.

During the debate and once again, coming back to the issue of responsible consumption, the role of the secondhand market came to the fore, which is expected, by 2030, to claim a 15% share of consumption and will provide brands with an opportunity to penetrate a prime market.

And that isn’t all. Retailers’ success in intercepting the consumer of the future, according to what has so far emerged, will be based on product and service personalisation, offering the most exclusive shopping experience possible: with the aid of digital technology, they will need to engage the consumer in a totally targeted dialogue, providing an experience that is packed with emotional values, aimed at loyalty building and the emotive element of shopping.  

The pandemic has also brought to light certain changes in consumer habits, likely to remain unchanged in time, and in which the power of digital technology, capable of ensuring both performance and safety – accompanied by hygiene rules and security – will increasingly make the difference in physical points of sale. If these are to remain competitive, as well as being duly integrated with the online channel, will also have to provoke a positive attitude amongst consumers, ranging from entertainment solutions, such as dreamscapes, to more targeted personal relationships at the point of sale.

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