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2021 confirms the return of the event with a new, and completely revised edition, totally digital and with the addition of the new Expo Riva Show - The Shoe Connection. 

From 16th to 19th January 2021Expo Riva Schuh & Gardabags will be back - the major international trade fair for volume footwear and the showroom dedicated to accessories. The new year will be inaugurated with a Home Edition that exceeds all expectations, offering an extraordinary new dimension.

It is indeed time for the fashion world community to get back together to share experiences and points of view, to discuss the way the sector is heading and to transform the crisis into an opportunity - states Alessandra Albarelli, Managing Director of Riva del Garda Fierecongressi - The new edition of the event represents, in the current pandemic situation, an unprecedented opportunity for the volume footwear and accessory supply chain to meet, and offers concrete support to the companies and buyers who, over the years, have chosen the event to develop their businesses within the world of fashion.” 

How? For the January edition, the Riva del Garda footwear and accessory hub will augment its traditional offering with a range of exclusive, digital tools, dedicated to networking, business and edutainment to offer a concrete trade fair experience to the companies and workers in this sector. It will be an opportunity to get a grip on a completely revolutionised context, guaranteeing access to services and content, useful in the long term too, and facilitating the transformation of business relationships for all the members of the supply chain. All of this in a format that is a world apart from the traditional concept of physical fairs, virtual fairs or e-commerce platforms, and, for this reason, is just waiting to be discovered.

Within this new format, the novelty factor consists of Expo Riva Show - The shoe connection, a collection of interviews, round table discussions, presentations and talks which will shed the spotlight on the protagonists of the volume footwear, leather goods and accessories markets. The project involves opinion leaders and both national and international companies, ready to guide buyers and exhibitors towards the discovery of new and successful business models, and, at the same time, a voyage of discovery through bang up-to-the-minute issues, such as the role of B2B in the post-Covid chain, sustainability, retail and new purchasing processes.

Expo Riva Show will face, thanks to the authoritative voices of its protagonists, topics of major interest. The way in which the current exceptional period will affect the affirmation of conscious consumption within the fashion and footwear market; the macro trends which, between 2021 and 2023, will influence consumer purchasing habits; the future of retail from digital to new formats and the effects of the transformation of the value chain on production processes. These are just some of the matters that will be examined during the days of the event” - explains Alessandra Albarelli.

To follow, the programme of Expo Riva Show - The shoe connection: 

Saturday 16th January opening talk from 10.30 to 12.00 on the role of B2B events in the post-Covid supply chain with Manlio Di Stefano - Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Lino Mattiozzi - Chairman of Assoprov, Tommaso Cancellara - CEO Micam Milan and General Manager of ‘Assocalzaturifici,’ Roberto Pellegrini, Chairman of Riva del Garda Fierecongressi and Alessandra Albarelli - Managing Director of Riva del Garda Fierecongressi. 

Two appointments from 14.00 to 16.30 on retail and new consumer practices. The first, concerning macro consumer trends 2021-2023 will be led by Maria Eugenia Errobidarte - Senior Consultant at WGSN Mindset with input from Isabelle Sakai - Chief Marketing Officer of the Bata Group and Emanuela Prandelli - LVMH Associate Professor of Fashion and Luxury Management at Bocconi University - MAFED Director at SDA Bocconi. The second, on the other hand, will deal with the differences and similarities between online and offline consumption, with talks by Federico Favero - Chief Executive Officer of Altitudo srl - Microsoft Business Partner, Emanuela Prandelli - LVMH Associate Professor of Fashion and Luxury Management at Bocconi University - MAFED Director at SDA Bocconi and led by Antonio Altomonte - Head of Supplier Payments, Global Commercial Services, American Express Italy.

On day two, Sunday 17th January from 14.00 to 16.30 the theme will be sustainability: opportunity or the inevitable future? The session will investigate how the period we are currently living through will influence the affirmation of conscious consumption, not only in the luxury market, but also more widely within the entire fashion and footwear market. In the first part of the meeting, Maria Eugenia Errobidarte - Senior Consultant at WGSN Mindset will emphasise the difference between conscious consumption and militant consumption together with William Wong - Chairman of the Federation of Hong Kong Brands, Vice President of the Hong Kong Footwear Association, Walter Rodrigues - Product Design Consultant and Coordinator of the Design and Research Centre at Inspiramais and Emanuela Mora - Professor at the ‘Sacro Cuore’ Catholic University.

Again, Maria Eugenia Errobidarte, this time with Emanuela Mora, asks the question, in the second part of the discussion: Is sustainability elitist or for the masses? Accompanying her in the debate will be Lars Doemer - Co-founder and Managing Director of GoBlu International and Simone Colombo - Head of Corporate Sustainability - OVS SpA.

The challenges for retail from digitalisation to new formats will be at the core of the discussions on Monday 18th January from 14.00 to 16.30, looking into whether or not a single, winning model exists or if we need to get ready for a real affirmation of omni-channeling. The matter will be discussed by Maria Eugenia Errobidarte - Senior Consultant at WGSN Mindset with Daniel Agis - Brand-building and Distribution Expert (Omnichannel Strategist Barcelona) and Karin Zaghi - Associate Professor of Practice of Channel and Retail at the SDA Bocconi School of Management. To follow that,  Gian Paolo Delli Ponti - Senior Advisor Next Generation Customer Care at Accenture will lead a debate on The phygital world and experience personalisation with Andrey Golub - Co-founder of ELSE Corp, General Manager for Italy; Head of AI, M&S R&D of the ICOL Group, Karin Zaghi - Associate Professor of Practice of Channel and Retail at the SDA Bocconi School of Management and Giuseppe Angiolini - Owner of the Sugar stores in Arezzo and Honorary President at CBI, Italian Chamber of Buyers.

On Tuesday 19th January, once again from 14.00 to 16.30, this time with Alberto Mattiello - Head of Innovation, Retail Hub together with Sergio Dulio - Head of Research & Innovation Business Unit at ATOMLab and Matteo Pasca - CEO of AF Editions will investigate the consumer-driven industrial processes. Followed by Guido Polcan - Strategy and Innovation Culture at H FARM with Roberto Vago - Managing Director of ASSOMAC, Matteo Pasca - CEO of AF Editions and Andrè Mikael Høibo - Business Developer at A. Høibo AS will discuss process transformation and the value chain.

The moderator for all the scheduled discussions will be Sebastiano Zanolli, Manager, Advisor, Author and Speaker.

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Registration for the Home Edition of Expo Riva Schuh and Gardabags is now open on the website, to be able to follow the Expo Riva Show programme of events in direct streaming (from January 16th to 19th) and on demand, as well as gaining access to other unmissable tools from this Home Edition: the Reserved Visitors’ Area; the Swapcard platform and the #PLAYfashion Live Talks, 3 technical sessions that debuted in 2020 and will continue after the event in 2021, involving market opinion leaders dealing with issues of great relevance and practical utility.  

All of the Expo Riva Show content will be available in direct streaming during the days of the event within the LIVE channel of the Swapcard platform. Once the live event has concluded and until 30th April 2021, recordings of the entire programme will be available on demand. @exporivaschuh

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