Thursday, September 10, 2020 STYLES THAT EXPRESS JOY

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

A dress that brings back memories of a carefree moment, an accessory that makes your heart skip a beat, your favourite coloured garment or one that is particularly comfortable – just like a warm hug. If, thanks to the Coronavirus, social distancing is   essential if we are to stay safe, then fashion has the power to lift our spirits and give us that feeling of joy which we so badly need.  It is that utterly ironic fusion, with a touch of glamour, that makes this period of our  lives different  and a little less hard to bear. An increased focus on designs that can improve our mood are gaining market share, especially in young fashion, and inspire a collection full of energy, aimed at practicality   and  clothing   that  will  last over time,   especially  as schools start to re-open their doors. 

Versatile styles become increasingly important, with casual looks that can adapt to both indoors and out, and home comforts influencing all-day wear designs with the slogan #twomilewear. Accessories draw on  #modulardesign, playing around with modular   pockets and added objects, geared towards style and functionality, with playful prints and positive graphics, to enhance comfy clothing. The central theme, #joyfulexpression, places happiness at the top  of the list of accessory and footwear   features, offering a new kind of fun to the essential elements of each garment – the result of a behavioural change amongst consumers, who choose lighter styles and personalised looks as a priority. 

Knitted bucket  hats will be a key accessory for the coming autumn, a novelty that has taken its time to be fully appreciated, but which, in 2020, has become one of the most captivating and sustainable products on the market. Crocheted creations    are always cross-seasonal,  allowing for a personal choice of colours, enhanced by the addition of hand-made details. 

Consumers’ concern regarding the reduction of single use plastic has brought about an influx of water bottle re-use,  especially   prevalent amongst young people.  Again, drawing on #modulardesign, bottles can be turned into practical flasks incorporated into a shoulder bag to be used as a mini-bag, with modular pockets for headphones, smart phones and  passes, with  bright  prints and #positiveslogans. The backpack  – a fundamental back to school item - can be transformed into a fun, colourful object, thanks to multi-colour prints and graphics and #modularpockets, which give added  space and functionality. 

Shawls are gaining popularity, due  to the #stayhomestyle  and #twomilewear trends, and are an ideal part of the layered look, for both indoors and out….. a fun, colourful and bold accessory that adds warmth, especially when mixed with soft  jewellery.  Playful, furry slippers,  with their fluffy synthetic fur  and rubber soles continue to be on trend, and their cosy feel, aimed at #twomilewear, make them a multi-use product for daily indoor and outdoor wear, that is bang  up to date.