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In this post-pandemic world, following the deepest and most abrupt crisis that the entire planet has ever witnessed in peacetime, the fashion industry too has come to understand the need to rethink and reconvert. An emergency, but also a new opportunity to redesign the entire chain, and to focus on new values. It is no wonder that optimism is not the prevailing mood of today's consumers. But the widespread feeling of instability and distrust finds a potential antidote in the values of tradition and constant renewal, to restart from more solid and reassuring assumptions

And, as always, in the critical seasons of history there are also those who prefer to divert their thoughts from the gloom and gain new energy by dressing festively. In the universe of goods, as well as in nature itself, the first and most powerful vehicle of emotions - be they authentic or displayed - is color. A means that, in difficult times, can in fact change the game: consumers look to familiar projects that give a sense of well-being and joy. In response to a cautious trading environment, the spring/summer 22 palette is divided into two parts and reflects this concept, focusing on mood-enhancing colors and comforting tones with an everyday appeal

Cross-seasonal thinking is the key: over 30% of s/s 22's colors are brought back from previous seasons, to be transferred with new brilliance. The digital world is increasingly present: mood-improving palettes include relaxing pastel colors, brilliant shades but also psychedelic colors conveying an energetic feel and a sense of escape. Alongside them, neutral colors, classic brown shades and butter - healthy and earthy tones that remain essential to keep the main collections up-to-date. Emerging in the luxury womenswear market and prevalent in the collections of key influencers, desaturated neutrals also reflect the importance of naturally-derived colors as well as sustainable products. 

In s/s 22, the appeal of comforting shades of green is echoed: a range that tells the story of the need for natural, plant-based shades, dedicated to consumers seeking a restful, reassuring post-pandemic lifestyle through color. 

Among the high-energy colors that can improve health and wellbeing, pink will also be significant, as well orange. Mango sorbet emerges as an indispensable summery tone, while pastel shades can add a dusty warmth to colder ones, responding at the same time to the increasing need for calming and comforting colors, which will continue to grow in the post-pandemic period. 

Atlantic blue will also play a key role in s/s22: a color that lays at the basis of a dark summer story and refreshes perennial tropical themes, evidence and confirmation of the growing importance of trans-seasonal tones.