Important warning

Over the past few months, the following companies:

  • Commercial Online Manuals S de RL de CV based in Mexico with branches in other countries throughout the world;
  • Ditta Avron s.o. based in Bratislava (Slovakia) connected to Avron s.r.l. – with premises in the province of Cremona; 
  • Event Fair based in Bratislava (Slovakia)
  • Construct Data Verlag GmbH FAIRGUIDE.COM based in Austria; 
  • based in Germany;
  • Mulpor Company based in Costa Rica;

have been sending forms to Exhibiting Companies, in which they request confirmation of company details, offering advertising space for three years in a virtual catalogue that can be consulted on the following website:

By completing and signing these forms, which contain the ‘Italian Fairs’ denomination and Event Brands, the exhibitor is obliged to pay an annual amount of Euro 1,181.00.

In the event that you should receive these forms or other offers from these companies, WE STRONGLY ADVISE YOU NOT TO SIGN THE DOCUMENTS. These same procedures are used in connection with a number of Italian and overseas exhibitions. For further information, please visit the independent website or, for Italy,

The afore-mentioned companies HAVE NEVER BEEN AUTHORISED BY US to use our name or our event branding. We wish to remind you that all official communication regarding our exhibition are sent EXCLUSIVELY by email and can be recognised by the presence of the event logo and the relative year and/or edition of the event.