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Metals, crystals and designs borrowed directly from Tarot cards. At a time when profound changes have affected our entire system and have even influenced, (or changed), trends, fashion has been overwhelmed by a new way of living and thinking. This change  has, however, restored value and substance and a trend that talks to our psyche, speaks of the real world and daily life, yet in imaginative and mystic ways too. This particular theme has also affected footwear and key accessories. We are seeing the  most varied of decorations, detachable and mixed, in an encounter between old and new, in a mixture of contemporary and vintage aesthetics, which also offers a new life to many materials
A nod to evasion and otherworldly qualities inspires footwear and accessories for Autumn/Winter ‘21/’22, since, in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the need for reassurance has also increased: the chain shoulder bag makes headway, as do cowboy boots and layered necklaces with an edgy look. And all personalised  with mystical details such as healing stones, zodiac signs, good luck icons and crystals. Shoulder bags, already considered a fundamental fashion element for Autumn/Winter ‘21/’22, add a more striking touch to the classic silhouette: bags become smaller,  acquiring more internal compartments in the name of practicality, but also sporting embossed surfaces, shiny leathers and geometric padding, in a trendy aesthetic with studded designs and vintage-inspired closures.
By mixing different shapes, the shoulder strap is enriched with contrasting metals, such as gold and silver. Although consumers continue to experiment with new trends, hair accessories remain a must-have item, with cross-seasonal appeal.
The hair-slide, in particular, is inspired by the mystical charm of the “Season of the Witch” and mixes beads, natural pearls and healing crystals: an item that therefore offers a great opportunity to reuse leftover components, raw materials and worn metals. Already considered a must-have, layered necklaces offer endless styling options, and offer great additional opportunities for personalisation and gifting.
Dominated by the #misticorder, the necklaces mix multiple decorative charms including hearts, lockets and medallions, but also good luck icons such as the protective evil eye, celestial motifs and tarot designs. In line with the demand for greater customisation, sets of earrings gain high commercial appeal, with consumers trying to create their own look, mixing multiple patterns and different lengths, good luck symbols, celestial motifs, pearls, crystals and studs. In keeping with the demand for comfortable, cross-seasonal accessories and also following the increased interest in DIY crafts that arose during the pandemic, a handcrafted wrap scarf is the perfect accessory to pair with outerwear or use as a home blanket, in a mixture of historical designs, oversized flowers and mystical details. An accessory loaded with symbolism, borrowed from the world of art, history and science to create a harmonious blend of luxury and storytelling. Reflecting the dark side of the "Phantasmagoria" trend and with the dystopian references of last season, in the autumn and winter of ‘21/’22, the cowboy boot will once again demonstrate its charm, and, thanks to its stylistic versatility, will remain popular throughout the year.
Taking advantage of the continuing success of the #jewellerification trend, and reusing the resulting decorative details, such as studs and chains (some of which are detachable), these boots will offer an important sales opportunity, in addition to that of the more classic boots.