Tuesday, October 1, 2019 Focus on “Top Shoes From China’

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Focus on “Top Shoes From China’

The attendance of Chinese companies at Expo Riva Schuh has grown over time, both as a whole and in terms of individual stands, but has also changed. The Made in China footwear displayed at the event has gradually improved its quality presenting a more sophisticated design in line with current trends as well as a more flexible product range.

It goes without saying, the low price play a key role but it is no longer self-sustaining. The June edition hosted a dedicated space for Chinese 'Top' footwear at the China Fashion Pavilion in Hall C4 with about fifty companies led by Xiamen L&C Int'l Exhibition Co. Ltd, G&F Co. Ltd and Guangzhou Newtop Exhibition Co. associations, which has now become fundamental for those working in the private label.

Source: Fotoshoe 30