Monday, June 17, 2019

SUSTAINABILITY IS A TREND at Expo Riva Schuh and Gardabags

More and more brands are offering in their collections models with low environmental impact, featuring materials that are eithernatural or recycled.

For footwear, organic cotton is preferred for uppers together with materials such as recycled rubber or natural rubber, resulting in 100% green choices of vegan footwear certified with eco-friendly dyes, and 100% recycled and recyclable packaging without substances harmful to health.

Talking about bags, the protagonists are rattan, straw, fabrics and inserts of natural elements such as stones and shells.

Through special environmentally friendly processing, some brands have transformed tropical plant species and local crops into products with finishes and colors with a sophisticated design, in the name of a more sustainable fashion that, however, retains style and a strong personality.