Sunday, June 17, 2018 Bare essentials and comfort

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Bare essentials and comfort

The key trend that emerges for the 2019 Spring/Summer collections at Expo Riva Schuh is typified by a quest for the bare essentials and for comfort.

Sneakers continue to lead the way, both for men and women, colourful and with contrasting fabrics.

There is also a significant presence of slip-ons, with both leather and rope soles, decorated with coloured straw appliqués.

Natural elements are interwoven with more technological details, such as embroidery on techno fabrics and opaque, distressed-look metals.

Amongst the stands of Expo Riva Schuh personalisation is very evident, with the application of accessories and finishes that satisfy all ages groups and styles.

Accessories are applied to every possible style, from slip-ons to court shoes: crystal; glitter; sequins; feathers and delicate fur.  There is no shortage of metal applications either, with fun shapes such as bees and bows.  

So, the style of the shoes lies, therefore, in the details and the many ways in which to decorate the styles with different interpretations.

Colours are strong and changing, alongside more subtle colours and soft shades.