Tengiva is the textile supply chain system enabling the digital future of B2B distribution, procurement, and data management. They are part of leading global initiatives and a B Corp certified technology powered by 100% net-zero cloud servers.

For textile businesses (Textile Producers, Mills, Distributors, Suppliers.):
It provides a central product database connecting all systems, while enabling real-time collaboration across team members and client-focused digital showrooms.

For promoters (Trade Shows, Associations, Industry Media, Representatives.):
It provides an all-inclusive system to build your organization's  multi-supplier marketplaces or showrooms where clients can easily promote, distribute, and source textiles.

For enterprise textile procurement (Apparel brands, garment manufacturers, and all other companies sourcing textiles):
It provides a central material database to control, track, and seamlessly integrate all textile related information across internal systems, teams, suppliers, warehouses, and factories.

For emerging companies (Companies sourcing textiles at a smaller scale):
It provides a single-login access to marketplaces and digital showrooms with a unique central portal to view all purchases across all platforms powered by Tengiva’s technology. 

15 - 18 June 202415 - 18 June 2024

Exhibition CentreVia Baltera, 20 - 38066 - Riva del Garda (Italy)